Teempt FW 2024 Fashion Designer Contest Giveaway

The grand prize is a $1,000 cash award, distributed among the Top five winning performers.

Additionally, standout concepts throughout the competition have the chance to be considered for production by Teempt, offering a unique opportunity to bring your design ideas to life.

Beyond the prizes, participating in this contest provides significant visibility for your work and a prestigious experience you can add to your resume and portfolio.

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Fashions designs  are  structured over four rounds, each with a distinct design challenge, from footwear to apparel.

Example - Shoe, Dresses, Belts, Wallets and Apparels, EDC can all be designed with e.g Checkers or Flowers. Here’s how it unfolds:

Unlimited Participants: Any number of students from each participating university can enter the contest. The more, the merrier.
Multiple Submissions Allowed: Each participant can submit up to three designs per round, maximizing their chances to showcase creativity and gather votes (Likes and Reposts from Social Media) Remember to tag us /
Competition Structure: All contestants go head-to-head in each round, with the collective votes on their students’ designs determining which advances.
Voting and Points: Voting is open to everyone, not just participants. Encourage friends and family to support your designs with likes, boosting your chance to win. Every legitimate vote counts!
Advancement and Winning: Advancement is based on the total social media like and reposts a person accumulates from likes across all submissions. The school with the highest  at the end of the final round claims victory, with the top five contributors receiving a share of the grand prize.
*.Terms and Conditions Apply